Holidays are about friends and family — no matter where you are. This year we are sharing a story about a special family in the village of Chajul. If you haven’t yet had a chance to learn about Mr. and Mrs. Imul and three of their children in our recent emails, click here. We hope you find this family as inspiring as we do — they have overcome significant barriers to reach new heights in education for their children and grandchildren.


As you make travel arrangements, plan festive menus, and select gifts for loved ones, we ask that you take a moment to think about families in Chajul like the Imul family and how far your gift can be stretched at Limitless Horizons Ixil to create life-changing impact.


josefina-oldAn example is the story of Josefina, a true educational pioneer. Josefina, the youngest daughter in the Imul family, loved her time in primary school and had dreams of being the first person in her family to ever graduate from middle school. She worked tirelessly, along with the support of Limitless Horizons Ixil staff, to gain her father’s permission to attend middle school. When she achieved that goal, she then had to work even harder for her father’s approval to attend high school.


josefinaJosefina is now part of the first generation of women in Chajul to graduate from university! She has paved the way, not only for her siblings and cousins, but for other young women in the community who now look up to her as their role model. Scholars are now entering our Youth Development Program with dreams of not only graduating from middle and high school but of also becoming university graduates and professionals like Josefina.


Josefina is married, lives in Chajul, has a professional job in social work, and says she is waiting to have children. She is the primary wage earner in her family and has the full support and pride of her parents, family, and husband. We are absolutely confident that when she starts her own family, her children will have the support and opportunity to attend school and become leaders in their community as well.

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