Limitless Horizons Ixil

Key Partnerships

We are incredibly grateful for our program partners and funders, in particular the major partnerships with the organizations below, which have allowed us to draw on our collective experiences and wisdom to strengthen our work for the community of Chajul.

The MAIA Impact School is the first female, indigenous-led secondary school in Central America that offers a holistic education focused equally on academics, culture and identity, socioemotional development, and family engagement. MAIA has been our partner for over a decade, and has supported us in designing our own school by sharing resources, materials, and best practices, including their curriculum, processes, and professional development materials.

Building Goodness Foundation is a nonprofit construction organization that partners internationally with non-governmental organizations with a focus on community collaboration. Building Goodness Foundation, in coordination with pro-bono partner Design Develop, and their many volunteers and experts, designed and built Colegio Horizontes in collaboration with our team and a crew of local construction workers.

RINA stands for Red de Incidencia de niñas y adolescentes which roughly translates to Network for Girls and Young Women, is a network of Guatemalan organizations and actors that work in girl-centered educational programming. RINA brings together people from across Guatemala to advocate for the rights, protection, and inclusion of girls and female adolescents, uniting global experts such as Girl Rising and the Population Council and connecting them with local organizations. Members share lessons learned, collaborate to push a more inclusive strategy for girls’ education, and provide spaces for girls and adolescents to meet up and share with each other.

Girl Rising is a girls’ education nonprofit that delivers research-proven educational programming by using the power of storytelling to change the way the world values girls and their education. They have partnered with us by sharing resources and materials and providing workshops on topics including gender equality and gender-based violence.

The Luis von Ahn Foundation is committed to a future where all Guatemalans are equally valued, can thrive, and are able to fully exercise their human rights. The Foundation seeks to support local community leaders and nonprofit organizations working on improving the lives of individuals, especially women and girls, in Guatemala.