Limitless Horizons Ixil


Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. Chajul needs well educated and civic-minded leaders to create solutions to the economic, health, education, and environmental challenges facing the community. Limitless Horizons Ixil recognizes that youth need a supportive and resourceful community to become these leaders. Our holistic programs focus on the entire community, serving young children in the Community Library, middle and high schoolers in the Youth Development Program, and their parents and families who engage in personal and economic development opportunities.

Going to school isn’t enough. For a motivated youth to succeed in Chajul, he or she needs:

check-mark-3-512academic and Spanish language skills to excel in school.

check-mark-3-512financial support so he does not have to choose between working the fields or doing his homework.

check-mark-3-512mentors who help her learn that hard work leads to opportunities for the future—and who are there to support her in taking advantage of those opportunities.

check-mark-3-512a safe, well-lit library where he can read, study, and explore information to learn anything that sparks his curiosity.

check-mark-3-512a family that understands what she is working towards and that encourages her to dream.

Most of all, a motivated youth in Chajul needs a community that not only appreciates the benefits of education but also has resources to support her to create change for herself, her family, and her community of Chajul.

Limitless Horizons Ixil takes proven, research-based strategies for educational development and poverty alleviation and adapts them to the specific needs and cultural context of Chajul. Rather than giving handouts, we offer community members a “hand up” by providing much-needed opportunities for personal and community development. We also insist that those we work with meet us halfway, upholding their responsibilities within our programs, which range from participating in trainings to engaging in community service. They must be invested in their own success and in that of the community overall.

We place a special emphasis on serving girls and women who traditionally receive fewer opportunities in Chajul, but it’s important that we also work with boys and men to build a community of responsible men. Our work honors Chajul’s traditional Maya Ixil culture and language, while emphasizing opportunities that aren’t widespread in the community, including access to quality educational resources.

Limitless Horizons Ixil brings together the necessary services to support young people, their families, and their community. By removing barriers, we give youth the opportunity to succeed and become leaders in their community.

With education you can change the path of your future… Through learning, little by little, you change a community.
– Limitless Horizons Ixil team member