Voices from Chajul: Lidia’s story

Meet Lidia, Our New Librarian!

We figured out pretty quick that Lidia is someone who embodies many of the things LHI values: motivation, perseverance, and a love of learning.

meet lidiaWhen Lidia stepped into the room for her interview, she commanded a certain quiet confidence. When we asked her about a challenge in her life, Lidia referenced a difficult situation that she had overcome. She choked back tears, and took a moment to compose herself. Then, she bravely moved forward with her narrative.

When she was in high school, Lidia got pregnant. Her boyfriend denied the baby was his, and her parents wanted nothing to do with her. Lidia decided to move on without the father (even when he asked for her back), and repair her relationship with her family. But the most incredible thing is, Lidia had her child and continued to finish high school. In Chajul, this level of commitment to education for a young mother is unheard of. We were all impressed to witness her inner strength.

Lidia in the libraryLidia is exceptional among our staff in that she has never studied outside of Chajul. Despite this, she possesses a level of Spanish proficiency rare among Chajul high school graduates. And unlike most mothers in Chajul, she has her sites set on attending university. We’re so proud to have her as the second librarian on our team, setting a terrific example for Chajul’s youth in the library and helping to spread her love of learning in our community.

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