Meet The Team: Manuela Cecilia Xinic Bop

Our women-led team is made up of inspiring individuals.

This year, we invite you to get to know more about our Chajul-based team through monthly posts!


Cecilia showcasing products from LHI’s Artisan Program

Perhaps you saw our International Women’s Day post on social media showcasing our Artisan and Technology Coordinator, Cecilia Xinic. As the first woman in Chajul to graduate with a university degree in computer science, Cecilia is a trailblazing inspiration to girls in her community.

Since graduating from high school in 2011, Cecilia has been studying computer science and working in various roles with Limitless Horizons Ixil, including as a computing teacher for our scholars. She shares with us that through our Youth Development Program workshops, Chajul’s youth are able to develop critical thinking skills and a visionary outlook. Parents, too, are encouraged to adopt an open mind and a positive approach to their children’s education, thus creating a multigenerational celebration of learning and literacy in the community.

Cecilia leading a meeting with mothers in LHI’s Artisan Program

 Cecilia is not only a tech-savvy computer scientist; she is also a star weaver who designs and sells her own unique huipiles, the traditional embroidered shirt worn by indigenous women throughout Guatemala. She has adapted traditional Chajul designs to incorporate different symbols and styles. She also uses softer and lighter threads and different necklines, creating a shift in fashion for young women and girls throughout the community.

We would like to share with you her inspiring words about female empowerment and the resilience she has embodied in her academic and professional life so far:


Computing classes with Cecilia and our Youth Development Program scholars

“When I graduated from my computer science degree, I didn’t think I would have many opportunities; mainly because, as a woman, men would always tell me, “A woman isn’t capable of fixing a computer.” I thought, what’s going to happen to me, knowing that I was the first woman in my community to graduate with this degree. However, [working at] Limitless Horizons Ixil got rid of all of my doubts… it has made me think “yes, I can!” and has supported me in being able to say out loud, “I can do it and so can other women, no matter what degree they study.” The most important thing is to be daring and above all, to be able to deal with challenges with resilience, positivity, and self-assurance.”


Thank you, Cecy, for contributing your innovation and endless enthusiasm to the LHI team!