“Educating with Love” — A Theatrical Success!

We have talented performers in Chajul! We know this because a group of 11 Limitless Horizons Ixil scholars, interns, and staff recently won first place in a local theater competition. The competition was held by our partner organization Pan American Social Marketing Organization (PASMO), whose mission focuses on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, family planning, and child nutrition. Our play “Educating with Love” focused on adolescent sexual health and education. As a result of winning first place, our group was invited to represent Chajul at the next level in the department of Quiché.


We were one of seven municipalities representing the department of Quiché. The plays were judged on creativity, originality, costumes and props, length, and topic. We are all thrilled that our budding thespians won third place in their first department-level competition. There were smiles all around as they took the stage to receive their medals and plaque. This was a new experience for our scholars as they explored theater and discovered their acting talents. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the entire process. They all agreed that they’d very much like to do it again! One of our scholars Johana even proposed creating a theater club so that everyone could continue practicing their acting skills. We are incredibly proud of our scholars and overjoyed that they received the recognition they deserve.


Scholar Spotlight: Jacinto
Jacinto Perez is completing his first year as a Limitless Horizons Ixil scholar. Every single morning Jacinto can be found in our office, asking how he can help out and offering up high fives. He has also attended artisan workshops and learned how to make our new beaded products (see below). Participating in our Artisan Program is one of his favorite activities. Jacinto’s favorite subject in school is art and he enjoys making paper crafts and drawing in his free time. When asked what he would bring if he were stranded on an island, he said he would bring his drawing notebook and his parents, who bring him happiness. Jacinto has big goals for his future and community. He would like to become an elementary school teacher and wants to see a cleaner Chajul, where people are less likely to throw garbage in the streets. Jacinto’s gentle nature and great sense of fun and play would make him an excellent teacher. We love seeing Jacinto in the office every day with his friendly smile and we cannot wait to see what his future holds! If you are interested in supporting a deserving scholar like Jacinto, please become a sponsor today!
New Beaded Products!
We have expanded our beaded product line in our Artisan Program! Our artisans are now making several new designs of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

In the past, our beaded products were made by scholars and alumni but this year interested mothers not previously involved in the Artisan Program also began beading.

Cecilia, our Program Assistant, and Maria, our Artisan Intern, recently led a workshop teaching the steps to make one of the new beaded bracelets and now our artisans are testing out their new skills creating beautiful, wearable pieces of art.

We are so excited to see mothers, alumni, and scholars find a way to supplement their household income by learning a new skill! Please visit our Artisan Page to learn more and to get a jump-start on your holiday shopping!