A Letter from Executive Director Katie Morrow

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When I started coming to Chajul in 2003, there was no public library. Nothing of the sort! I saw kids trying to do homework on dirt floors in dark homes. I didn’t see kids reading anything besides the few books they had at school–and each one of those books had to be shared among a whole group.

We often take it for granted, but access to books is a privilege in many parts of the world. Limitless Horizons Ixil has brought that access to kids in Chajul, through our community library.

For these kids, the library is their only quiet, peaceful place to learn. The only place where they can find books. Through these books, they start to imagine new possibilities for themselves and their families and gain the tools they need to achieve them.

Katie M in LibraryRight now, the kids are all on their school break, and we are putting on special vacation activities in the library. We need your help to continue this important work.

Together, we’re creating a culture of learning in Chajul.

This year, we have received a generous commitment of $10,000 towards matching your gifts.

That means that when you give $100, we get $200. And $200, for example, can cover the cost of an entire week’s worth of library activities!

With your donation, we can reach even more kids. We can host story hour and reading club every week, and more special and seasonal activities. We can also support the education and literacy of youth in Chajul who participate in our Youth Development Program, through activities such as tutoring, computer classes, and career counseling.

We’ll start with the 2-year-olds whose older siblings bring them in by the hand. And we’ll share the joy of books and learning with kids of all ages, so they can be prepared to create a brighter future for their families and community. 

In 2014, we plan to expand our literacy programming, increase community outreach, grow our library inventory, and foster the academic and personal development of more than 60 scholars in our Youth Development Program.

Please join us and our generous $10,000 matching donor as we strive
to meet our largest campaign goal ever: $20,000.

This is what we need to start strong in 2014. And it all begins with you.With your decision to make a gift–and to make a difference. 

Please help.

Sincerely grateful,

Katie Morrow, Executive Director


Click to give online or mail your check to:

Limitless Horizons Ixil
c/o Christie Leighton, Treasurer
1805 Maple Shade Lane
Richmond, VA 23227

P.S. Remember, your gift will go twice as far this year with our terrific matching opportunity. Please give today to bring learning and literacy to Chajul’s children.

Meet Mardoqueo
Mardoqueo thumbnailMardoqueo used to spend his free time after class buffing shoes in Chajul’s central park for a few cents a shine. All that changed when he saw a flyer for our community library. The next day, Mardoqueo stepped into the library for the first time.

Today, he spends almost every afternoon there: reading, studying, and helping out. When over 100 children began attending story hour, our librarians trained Mardoqueo to lead a reading club group. He also helps newer members find books that hold answers to their homework questions.

The library opened Mardoqueo’s world.