Experience Chajul through Our New Video!

We are so are excited to invite you to experience Chajul in a new way! After years of sharing images and stories, we are thrilled for you to meet our families, hear from our students, and spend a day in Chajul with us. Today, we bring you the opportunity to meet the extraordinary people you support through LHI — through our new video!

This is an exciting week in Chajul! In a town where less than 5% of the population graduates from middle school, LHI will honor our second class of students graduating from high school and our fifth class of middle school graduates. After eight years of hard work since co-founding LHI, I could not be prouder of where we are today.

Katie & Verónica, our General Director

Some of you are new friends to LHI, while others have been with us from the beginning. LHI could not have accomplished our great successes alone. I would like to personally thank you for standing with us and believing in our vision and commitment. Together, we have seen LHI grow from a pilot program with 10 scholarship students in 2004 to today, having served over 100 students in our youth development program and operating a community library with outstanding literacy programming for over 1000 library users. I’m inviting you to join me in celebrating these amazing accomplishments that we have achieved together!

All of the students featured in the film are incredible successes, with moving stories of great sacrifice to overcome hardship and poverty. Four of the five students were the first in their entire family to complete middle school. These are just a few of thestudent successes that are woven together in our intricate youth development program. Without your generosity, many of our students would not have the opportunity to lead their community in educational achievement, and the eager children in our library might never have held a storybook.

We hope that this video deepens your ties to Chajul, the incredible families we work with, and the LHI community. Your support makes this work possible, so help us celebrate our collective success by sharing the video with your friends and family.

Thank you for everything, and here’s to many more years of collaboration!

Executive Director and Founder