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The Limitless Horizons Ixil team is a dedicated group of individuals with a range of backgrounds and expertise. Our team reflects our organizational values and history of combining local knowledge and international resources with the expertise of individuals from all backgrounds. Local Guatemalan staff manage all programs, with operational support carried out by international staff.


Katie Morrow
Executive Director & Co-Founder

Katie grew up in California and earned her bachelor’s degree in Community Studies from University of California Santa Cruz when she was 18. She then worked and traveled across the US, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. Katie went back to school to study social work with a focus on international communities, and completed her Master of Social Work from San Jose State. After Katie’s first visit to Chajul in 2003, she was compelled by the beautiful culture and generosity of the people, juxtaposed with the lack of educational opportunities, particularly for girls. Even living in intense poverty, she saw within these girls the desire and motivation to continue their education. She’s spent a significant part of each year since then in Guatemala working alongside locals from Chajul to bring new opportunities to the community through education and community development. Katie has also led over 50 service-learning trips across Latin America since 2003, helping youth and adults gain appreciation for new cultures and bringing service projects to communities in need. Katie oversees all areas of Limitless Horizons Ixil’s operations, including strategic planning, developing partnerships, fundraising and fiscal management, developing programs, and managing and training staff.

Fun fact: Katie likes all things salsa—she is an avid dancer and loves her food spicy.

Verónica Yat Tiu
Managing Director

Verónica was raised in Chajul and lived there during and after the civil war. Through hard work, a scholarship, and her mother’s sacrifice, Verónica is one of the first and few women from Chajul to become a university-educated professional. She went to primary school in Chajul, finished high school with a Bilingual (Spanish-English) Secretary degree from Colegio Encarnación Rosal in Quetzaltenango, and then studied at Mariano Gálvez University in Quiché where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Prior to joining Limitless Horizons Ixil as Program Director in 2008, Verónica gained extensive nonprofit and NGO experience as secretary, community organizer, and case manager with previous positions at Chajul’s health center, Con Tierra, Proyecto Ixil, and Save the Children. Verónica is proud of her work to provide opportunities for people in her own community, believing that “with the support of the people, we can work together on community development and make a real difference.” Verónica’s role has grown and she now oversees all of Limitless Horizons Ixil´s programs, relationships, and activities in Chajul and also does direct case management with youth and families.

Fun fact: Verónica was a competitive basketball player when in school and continues to challenge our youth to games.

Katie (Katalina) Allen
Associate Director

Katie joins us from Seattle, Washington, where she was born and raised. While earning her bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington, she traveled to Bangladesh to visit a friend’s family and discovered a lifelong passion for international development. Before arriving in Guatemala, she lived in Oaxaca, Mexico, for three years, where she worked with a local microfinance and business education nonprofit, collaborated with local artisans, and tried every type of mole sauce. She is currently pursuing a distance-learning master’s degree in international development. As the Associate Director, Katie oversees development, including communications, fundraising, sponsorship, and tourism.

Fun fact: Katie loves to cook and often picks travel destinations based on the local cuisine!

Zuliana Cristobal López Toledo
Guatemalan Assistant Director

Zuliana (Zuli) was raised in San Miguel Uspantán del Quiché as one of four siblings. Although her parents never had the opportunity to study, they instilled in each of their children a desire for learning and encouraged them to attend school. From an early age, Zuli was both a great student and athlete. At the age of 15 she was offered a full scholarship to study physical education and play on the handball team at an athletic boarding school. After graduating from high school, she studied sports massage therapy before pursuing a degree in law at the prestigious Universidad Nacional de San Carlos de Guatemala. Zuli is passionate about helping to empower children, women and families to overcome societal barriers, and has applied her education and abundant energy to that effect. She has worked as a supervisor for a state project that built homes for Guatemalans displaced during the Civil War, as a university administrator, and as a counselor of neglected children. At Limitless Horizons Ixil, Zuli provides direct support for all of our programs as well as maintaining partnerships with local organizations.

Fun Fact: Zuli opened an extremely popular Zumba studio, where she teaches dance classes every evening after returning from a full day at Limitless Horizons Ixil.

Liz Haffa
Development and Communications Manager

Liz grew up in Monterey, California, where she returned after college at UCLA to earn her Master of Public Administration from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. Her passion for international development grew after spending a summer working in Haiti while in grad school. She started her career at a nonprofit micro-lender based in New York and spent the last couple years in East Africa on fellowships with USAID Uganda and a Burundian organization supporting economic development and education for orphans and vulnerable children. As the Development and Communications Manager, Liz manages fundraising, communications, and handcraft sales, as well as US-based elements of Limitless Horizons Ixil’s community engagement trips and youth sponsorships.

Fun fact: Liz loves learning languages and adding new stamps to her passport. She speaks French fluently and is excited to spend time in Guatemala and improve her Spanish! 

Edilma Hernández de Raymundo
Program Manager

Edilma grew up in the shadow of the civil war as the oldest child in a family with few resources and no history of education. She attended primary school in Chajul before going to Quetzaltenango for middle and high school, graduating with a degree in Primary Education from Colegio Mixto La Sabiduría. While in high school, she worked for a family as their housekeeper in order to pay for her education. Edilma joined Limitless Horizons Ixil in 2010 providing program and administrative support as Program Coordinator, becoming the primary breadwinner for her parents and siblings. Edilma has enthusiastically grown into a managerial role, and her job now includes supervision of the Saber Sin Límites (Limitless Knowledge) Community Library, managing the Artisan Program, attending to the needs of youth, mothers, and families, and conducting one-on-on personal counseling sessions with youth and families. Edilma is also studying at Rafael Landívar University in Quiché, pursuing a degree in Bilingual Intercultural Secondary Education.

Fun fact: Edilma likes her coffee black and strong, more like her American coworkers than most Guatemalans! She also loves the dark chocolate she’s been introduced to by her colleagues.

Ana Eymi Canay Canay
Program Associate

Eymi was raised by a single mother in Chajul and was one of the youth supported during Limitless Horizons Ixil’s first year. She was at the top of her class throughout her schooling, and received her Bilingual (Spanish-English) Secretary high school degree in 2012 from Colegio Utatlán de Santa Cruz de Quiché. Eymi joined the staff in 2013 as Program Associate. As an educated professional working to benefit her community, she is an example of what so many of our youth envision for their futures. Eymi continues to study on the weekends, pursuing a degree in Business Administration at Mariano Gálvez University in Quiché. Eymi attends to youth and mothers, coordinates Youth Development Program activities and outreach, and supports with accounting and administrative work.

Fun fact: Eymi possesses many extraordinary skills, but few know of her uncanny ability to imitate distinctive voices!

Cecilia Xinic
Program Assistant & Computer Teacher

Cecilia completed middle school in Chajul with her grandfather’s support, and she wasn’t willing to stop there. She convinced her parents to allow her to continue her studies, leaving Chajul to attend Instituto Técnico Recursos Naturales high school in the city of Uspantán. In 2011, she graduated with a degree in Computer Studies, and returned to Chajul to serve as a contract worker with Limitless Horizons Ixil and the local health clinic. Cecilia began as our Saturday computer teacher and continues to teach our youth at the Limitless Horizons Ixil computer lab, preparing them with the computer skills needed for an increasingly technology-driven world. Cecilia became our Program Assistant in 2015, providing mentorship and support to interns in the Youth Development Program’s new internship and training initiative, and supporting with coordination and product design for our Artisan Program.

Fun fact: Cecilia is a trendsetter as the first person in Chajul to design a softer, lighter style of the traditional hand-woven huipil (blouse) that’s now very popular with women all around town!

David Imul Calel
Head Librarian

David grew up in Chajul as one of eight siblings. His parents could not afford to send him to middle school, but he was able to continue his studies when he joined our Youth Development Program in 2008. Thanks to his hard work and resourcefulness, David graduated with a high school degree in Primary Education from the Escuela Normal Regional de Occidente in Sololá. As a student, David frequently completed his work-study and service hours in our library. David joined the staff in 2013, and his warm, engaging demeanor makes him a fantastic librarian. He manages the library’s daily operations, leads story hour and reading club, supervises interns and volunteering youth, manages inventory, and helps library members with their assignments. David is also pursuing a degree in Agricultural Engineering at La Universidad Rural de Guatemala in nearby Nebaj, as his future plans include tackling issues in Chajul related to health, malnutrition, and food access.

Fun fact: David loves languages, already speaking three fluently (Spanish, Ixil, and Quiché), and is eager to practice his growing English vocabulary with visitors.

Marina Caba Xinic

Marina is from Chajul and comes from a family of 7 with limited economic resources. Her parents told her she would not be able to continue studying because they could not afford to send both her and her sister to school. However, she earned a scholarship from Limitless Horizons Ixil and was able to continue studying with her older sister. She attended Instituto Normal Mixto Juan de León and completed her degree in Urban Primary Education. She was one of the first to graduate from the Youth Development Program. In the library, she attends to library members and supports them with homework research. She also leads arts and crafts activities with children and enjoys having fun with them. She hopes to continue helping children and continue with her studies at university.

Fun fact: Marina was a part of her high school’s soccer team. They would compete against other schools and always won all of their games!

Leslie Meyer
International Coordinator

Leslie grew up surrounded by cornfields in Iowa, and has therefore been delighted to discover the delicious, corn-based cuisine of Guatemala.  While pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Spanish Studies and Global Studies from the University of Minnesota, she spent a semester in Ecuador studying international development, and interning at a nonprofit community center in the Andes.  The experience ignited her interest in community development and strengthened her desire to better understand and fight all forms of inequality and injustice.  Her professional experiences have included organizing cultural events and teaching English to university students in Brazil through the Fulbright program, translating academic articles and grant applications, and helping English students in Portugal apply for jobs and scholarships.  As the International Coordinator, Leslie is responsible for managing fundraising and communication outlets, maintaining relationships with donors and sponsors, organizing volunteer and tourism activities and trips, program support, and capacity building with the local staff 

Fun fact:  Leslie played soccer and basketball while growing up and can’t wait to start playing again with the women and girls of Chajul. 

Pedro Caba Asicona
Co-Founder & Advisory Director

Pedro grew up in Chajul during and immediately after the civil war when the community had very few educational opportunities. He was raised working in the fields, carrying firewood, and shining shoes to make a little money. Through sacrifice, luck, and very hard work Pedro became the first person from Chajul to attend university and obtain a bachelor’s degree. He completed a certificate in Maya World Studies and his degree in Civil Engineering at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala City. He has earned his Master of Engineering degree and now works to improve water infrastructure in San Marcos, Guatemala. Since co-founding Limitless Horizons Ixil in 2004 with a more hands-on role in its first few years, Pedro’s role is now advisory and he supports Limitless Horizons Ixil with guidance on government relations, legal compliance, and financial security in Guatemala and he has served as guide for visiting groups.

Fun fact: Pedro’s favorite time to visit Chajul is during feria, the annual town fair. 

Pedro Leonardo Mateo Bop, Operations Intern

Maria Esperanza Hernandez, Library Intern

Rosa Anay Gallegos, Artisan Intern

Maria Miranda Caba LaynezArtisan Intern

Domingo Rudy Ramirez CabaLibrary Intern